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  • 5 Trial Wins in a Row!!

    5 Trial Wins in a Row!!

    On Monday, August 26th Brad Allin won his fifth DUI/DUID Trial in a row. In Larimer County Court, 4D. A trucker pulls into Port of Entry station, an officer signals him in to review his paperwork. He goes into the POE and the officer smells the odor of alcoholic beverage and places him “out of […]Read More »
  • DUID/marijuana


    The client filed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, traveling through the stop sign at about 5 mph.  Officer saw common signs of marijuana impairment and the client admitted to smoking two hours earlier.  The client also performed roadside sobriety maneuvers which were not done in a manner “consistent with sobriety”.  […]Read More »
  • DUI charge Dismissed

    DUI charge Dismissed

    Client driving home, but fails to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.  Officer noted the odor of alcohol beverage and the client admits drinking.  The client refused roadsides and the blood or breath test.  We were able to find reliable, independent witnesses who saw the client earlier in the evening and would […]Read More »
  • DA Dismissed Case

    DA Dismissed Case

    Client was stopped for speeding.  Had an odor of alcoholic beverage and exhibited balance problems, including stumbling.  The client refused roadside sobriety maneuvers and the blood or breath test.  Unfortunately, the client had two priors so the only offer from the DA was plea of guilty to DUI with a jail sentence of up to […]Read More »

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  • I have been an instructor of the “DUI Defense” class for local criminal defense attorneys
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You Must Request a Hearing within 7 Days!!!

To do this, you must go into any DMV office with the “EXPRESS CONSENT AFFIDAVIT AND NOTICE OF REVOCATION” given to you by the officer and request a hearing. If your driver’s license was not taken by the officer, you may bring it with you and surrender it at the time you make the request and you will be granted a temporary permit to drive until the hearing. If you would like to speak with an experienced and qualified DUI Defense Attorney in the Fort Collins area, call me to discuss whether to request the officer’s presence at this hearing. This decision is critical and is made on a case by case basis.